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12 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

#1: How-to’s and Tutorials

The how-to is the most powerful of all the blogging archetypes.
Think about it. Why do we go to the web? Sure, it could be because we want to find out the latest sports scores, catch up with old friends or visit IMDb to find out who that familiar actor was on last night’s Law & Order SVU.

#2: Lists

List posts streamline information into a numbered list that’s easy for your readers to read, share and put into action. They speak to our desire to find the best information in the shortest amount of tim

#3: Resources or Link Lists

Very similar to, if not overlapping with, the list post is the resource post. The difference is that resource posts curate other people’s content (albeit usually in a list format).

#4: Cheat Sheets, Checklists and To-do’s

Often what your audience seeks from you is direction. If they have a question, they want someone to answer it—or at least get them on the right track.
While not too different from a how-to, these posts tend to focus on how to do something more efficiently and ensure nothing is forgotten.

#5: Reviews

There are two kinds of review posts: A straight review of a product or a compare-and-contrast of multiple related products.

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