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10 Best dofollow Blogging Community Sites that Every Blogger Should Know

s a blogger even me always look for new dofollow blogs and communities to build backlinks and bring high traffic to our blog. Furthermore we always try to promote our blog in social media and through guest post but most of us seems to overlook blogging communities, where we can actually meet thousands bloggers with same objective and sharing various articles. Communities are the source of knowledge that a new blogger should learn from and update with time. Today in this post I am going to give you some dofollow blogging community sites that every blogger should know in order to increase his blog exposure in this massive internet; Below are the links listed according to Alexa ranking from top to bottom.

Gather : “Fresh perspective”; that means you can get fresh articles and conversation from this site; the conversation where thousands of writers shares news and commentary each day. As a blogger you can share your own perspective on this community site as well. You just have to join and start conversation with thousand bloggers. You can attract many bloggers if you have interesting and unique topic to share.

Blogcatalog : Blog catalog is a biggest directory on the internet which mostly comprised of social blogs. You can promote your blog here by signing up with them and listing your blog in the directory list. You can discover various blogs, posts and bloggers that are related to your niche topic, by doing that your blog will get more exposure to top bloggers and visitors in blog catalog.

Blogher : The only community site that is branded for only women or female bloggers. BlogHer has more than 37 million women bloggers who blog and their readers to gain education and exposure. This community site has the networking opportunities for women in social media and brands seeking to influence them. You can get information, advice recommendation, curates a daily news service and many links of premium blogs from Blogher. So as a women blogger you can really get huge information from this site.

Bizsugar : A site which share small business news and tips. If you have a business or marketing related blog then Bizsugar is a pretty good site to submit your blog and post unique articles. The more you post articles the more you will get unique visitors to your blog. The rule of this community site is tough and you need to be a active member. Not just submit your own posts, you have to vote up other members post in order to remain on the eye of other members.

Blogengage : A community site where you can find latest blogging tips and SEO tips from thousands of bloggers. You can easily submit your blog posts and get high traffic to your blog. At blogengage, you will get other facilities like real time chatting with other bloggers as well. This will help you develop a relationship with many blog owners.

Indiblogger : Indiblogger is a community site for Indian bloggers mostly. Important thing to notice in this site is Technological posts and discussion. If you write Tech articles and Tech problem solving articles then there is no place better than indiblogger. Check out this community site in order to get more ideas about it.

Blogged : A site which updates the reactions to major news events. Navigate to the main categories of this site by clicking Top stories and hot stories. You can get tons of hot news around the world. If you are already registered then you can also share interesting news clipping and events with many individuals. This blog also give you chance to submit your blog and get some visitors who the same niche topic as yours.

Blokube : This blog focuses on niche topic like SEM/SEO, Online Marketing, Blogging and Entrepreneurship. This is just another famous site for bloggers to share and engage with other bloggers. Blokube is a place for bloggers to mastermind and exchange ideas. This is a hub that allows all different communities to meet and grow together. If you want to grow with it then why not join today and post your first post in blokube.

Fuelmyblog : A site which helps you introducing your blog to the world. You can gain new readers, fresh conversation, fun, advices from this community site. After registering you just simply add your blog, make friends and talk with them. Receive votes and give your blog full of traffic. Post unique contents related to your niche market and get more followers.

MMOsocialnetwork : As per the name of the blog MMO means Make Money Online. That means if your blog topic is mostly related to earning money online or making money on internet then this is your place to submit your posts and even this site gives you opportunity to earn some money through adsense. Apart from that you can find quality posts on Blogging tips and social media related posts on this community site. Serious bloggers can Share some quality posts here and get tons of traffic with money from mmosocialnetwork.

Hope this information will help new blogger and who are unknown about this community sites. These sites are dofollow, but I cannot guarantee that each of you will get a


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