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Top 10 Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks 2014

Hello guys today I’m going show you tutorial about Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks,If you have a website and you wanna monetize your website to gain money then there are different ways to gain money by Ad networks such as Pay Per Click(PPC) and CPC ad network to monetize your website.There are so many another ad networks are available to gain money like Affiliate marketing etc but CPC and PPC are the best one and became so popular.
Nowdays there are so many PPC and CPC ad networks does exist which gives you money per click,If you want to get high paying then should go for PPC and CPC ad networks.In this article I’ve made a list of Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks.So read this article carefully:

Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks


infolinks 300x143

InfoLinks is best high paying ad networks that is PPC ad networks,this is the good way to make money and monetize your website or Blog.You just need to install it in the body of your website and blog which is really very simple and easy process.If  you have wordpress then simply install its Plugin.InfoLinks is  a Text based Ad networks.

2.)Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best Advertising network of PPC and CPC advertising networks,this is best paying CPC/PPC Ad networks.Google adsense is Google’s best and most popular advertising product.This is best source  of get money,but if you are not doing well work then you may get banned by google adsense.


MEDIA.NET  300x81
This is PPC advertising network and basically this network is a collaboration of Yahoo and Bing .If you are not get approval on Adsense or any other reason then is the best choice for you to monetize your blog or website.It provides you good advertisements apart from this it provides you a additional tool by which you can check your all work in real time.

4.)Chitika Ad Network

Chitika High Paying PPC CPC Ad Networks 300x76
Chitika advertising network is another but best ad network from the list of Best Paying CPC/PPC ad networks.If  in any case your website get banned by Google Adsense then Chitika ad network is good one for webmasters and publishers.If you have good source of traffic then it will give you best and high  rate of CPC.Its  pays $40 – $50 through check and $10 through paypal.

5.)Bitvertiser Ad Network

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If you wanna apply and join Bitvertiser ad network then there are not much instruction  and requirement of Bitvertiser.Its only condition i that that doesn’t  support adult websites,selling weapons sites and so many another different sites of this type.This is also best and high paying ad CPC/PPC ad networks.


No Preview Available 
This ad network is also good one from the list of  Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad networks,it was originate in 2002,if you want to monetize your blog and make genuine money then you should go for this.Basically this ad network is Pay Per Click ad nettwork.It provides ad services to webmaster,publishers and also blogger.


kontera 300x134
This is very good and very simple to install it on blog and it also have plugins for wordpress.This one is contextual ad network and it emphasize on  exploration terms of  end users.Its working process is similar as of infolinks.If your website has 20,000 review per month then you can make $40-$50  easily.

8.)Click Booth

image Copy1 300x105
From the list of Best Paying CPC/PPC Ad Netwotks this one is also best ad network and its click per cost(CPC)  ad network.It was originate in 2004.It provides platform  to manage  your progressive service.


This is another ad network,it is very easy and simple to install and its plugins are available for WordPress ,Blogger and Joomla.There are different  type of  ads are provided   by which you can make your advertisement totally different from another.Its very easy to use and install.

10.)Vibrant Media

No Preview Available
Vibrant media is Pay per click ad network and also best one from the list of  Best Paying CPC/PPC ad networks,it also looks good on other device such as tablets and mobile phones.It support multi-button  videos and expandable flash options.Basically it is in-image advertising network,its ads are looks quit beautiful and it gives high click rates than Google adsense.
So guys these were the list of Best paying CPC/PPC Ad Networks and i wish that you like it but if by mistake I missed out any vital term then please let me inform and share your views with us.If you face any problem regarding this then let inform us and we’ll reach to you as soon as possible.Please keep sharing your thoughts with us because your sharing is important for us.


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