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95 Places to Submit and Promote your Blog for Traffic and SEO

A lot of people are unsure where to start with promoting their blog other than sending it to their friends and family. We’ve all read about SEO and the importance of linkbuilding but putting into practice often proves a lot more difficult than first imagined.

We had to go through this marketing experience ourselves when we launched our blog Man of Many ( towards the end of 2012, searching out blog after blog, site after site to cover us, and wow, it was a lot of effort. We initially focused on other fashion blogs or related sites, but it proved difficult partnering with them having such a small following in the early stages. We did find however that although we weren’t your typical “start-up”, loads of entrepreneurial sites and directories were willing to cover us or at least allow us to submit our profile which was critical to building sustainable traffic and SEO.
Given we’re always willing to help out other blogs in the IFB community, we thought we’d share the love and our list of (mostly free) sites, other blogs and directories to submit your blog for marketing, PR, linkbuilding and most importantly traffic!
Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed something out if there was a site that was critical to your success in building traffic or if you found this list helpful.

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